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TinyWare is
a Debian stable Linux build of the i386 architecture with Xfce and Mate desktops . TinyWare is offered as a hybrid live DVD image that can be run on computers with efi32, efi64, pc-boot boot loaders. The main system is packaged in a squashfs file, which is the bottom layer of the root overlayfs . If you burn a live DVD to a flash disk, then the remaining space on the flash can be used as the top layer of root overlayfs,which allows you to save changes to the live system on a flash disk (this setting is done by the " UseAllFlash " shortcut on the desktop).

In TinyWare mounted two options Linux kernel - 32-bit and 64-bit. Using a 64-bit kernel allows you to install amd64 applications in chroot , or use them in snap and flatpack versions, as well as use the multiarch mode of the apt package manager . Using a 32-bit kernel with i386 userspace allows TinyWare to run on older 32-bit cpu .

In TinyWare implemented two modes of operation of the system - "Simple" and "Safe" , switching between which the label on the user's desktop. In simple operation, the system behaves in a classic style. In safe mode, file systems are mounted, if possible, with the ro and noexec options , as well as system-wide disabled some capabilities, that is, the system is transferred to an increased securelevel. In safe mode, there is no way to run downloaded from the Internet third-party programs and connect removable drives. The operating mode of the system can be "locked" until the next reboot. You can read more about this on the page for
specifics of working with TinyWare .

can be installed from a live DVD to your computer's hard drive. The assembly is tested for installation on 5 disk partitions :

/ boot
512M EFI vfat
8 + G ext4
/ var
16 + G ext4
RAM (x2) for hibernate to work
/ home
remaining ext4 disk space

Description of changes in TinyWare relatively classic Debian it is possible to look the technical features of assembling at a page.

Changed files
Kernel and scenario of assembling
Additional packages
You always can check assembling on honesty the utilities of cruft and debsums.